Wut Duz U Wantz?

Dis am a page fur peepz tu telling us wut dey wants tu see in Yesterdaze LOLz

Fingz awlreaddy on ower To Do list include:

  • LOLz frum deh commenters (wif credit) DUN!
  • Sir NCz extra special emoticons etc.  DUN!
  • getting deh site tu b more user frendly fur deh mobile devices.   DUN!
  • page wif links tu initial appearance uv landmarks like EMs hairy
  • Post and Comment voting  DUN!
Requested Smilies


  • cowboy DUN!


  • canapes


  • monkey
  • bull
  • bear DUN!
  • hockey puck DUN!!
  • horse DUN!!
  • fish
  • rabbit DUN!!
  • cow (w/halo)
  • yuk (not yuck)
  • meat (steak/porkchop/etc)
  • sports balls
  • sew (needle/thread)
  • bee
  • nose
  • carp
  • hairy eyeball

– summadoze may hab tu wait until neggst time they kom awp in conbersayshun

More fings will b added tu deh list az we goez along.  Feel free to suggest and discuss ennyfing u fink wud b nice to haz.


  1. 1. D Mawntee Pyfon lolz R a lottuv funz.
    2. D Sillee insert-lol werd N-2 standderd (Nd unYOOzhwully boariNg!) proze pees (wuttebber dose R kawlD) R a ryott.
    3. Iz nyss 2 B rememememburrD awn wunz birfday, expeshlee sintz lotza peepz duzznt habz fambleez, 4 wun reezun oar anudder.

    1. 1. Give us a couple uv weeks fur life to settle intu a normal routine and wii will see about various themes. So far, I haz ben deh only wun doing deh line-up. I hopes to set up some sort of tag-team LOL posting skedule so NC and EM will b posting LOLz too. EM haz ben working on setting up a place fur us to store submitted LOLz.

      2. am deh MAD LIBZ. 😀 Deh am deh berry fun....

      3. deh http://cheezpeepzbirthdaze.wordpress.com/ am a place wif birfdayz listed..... ??? peepz leeve a comment on deh front page-- it goes to a moderation que, I git notified, I post dheir birfday on deh appropriate month. It duzn't git meny viewrs/viistors, but it am dhere and availablol tu awl. Mebbee sumwun wud volunteer tu b deh Official BIrfday Party Planner?

    2. Ohai, snc. Aim sew sowwy it nebber o-kurrd 2 mii to add a kawmint innyplayse awnsite B4, sew I've bin buggin yoo wif personolol emayos and putting sugjeschuns wiffin daily kawmintz, wear dey mite habz gotten lostifyed. Aill try to bemember sum uv dem. (BTW, tanks 4 alla stufz yoo haz awreddy yoozd wich aiv sent yoo! ).
      Here wii go: Monkey, toe in dirt (aka "shucks"), bull, bear, hockey puck, horse, fish, rabbit, and last but Certainly Not Least, FIREMINZ!!!! FIREMINZ!!!! FIREMINZ!!!!

        1. Didja see SNC?? GM an I want a cowboy. Evver wun da looks likee Dwike Oakem or just David wiffy chaps and a cowboy hat added ---- Yoo kin doo dat rite?? 😀

    3. Kud wii hazza leedlol guy dat wuz slappin hiz thygh oar desk an laffin, a BEEG yukk yukk, lyke, Har Har Har? Lyke REEEEELEEE laffin owt lowd?

    4. Fur owr ozzie frenz, a ossim possim myt B nyss.
      (and i'm gonna cast a dissenting vote, i guess, cuz i'd have loved to see a green kermie - maybe wif eye bumps plus green? sorry to be the class p.i.t.a.)

        1. Lately there seem to have been several "spider" themed lols. Could we have a Mr. Spidey, but not a scary-lookin' spider? And a snake could look like the "Don't Tread On Me" fellow only with a "phlbbbt" tongue, so he'd look more silly than scary. I know that's important because SO many people, myself included, have snake phobias. Would still love to see a "hairy eyeball" and EM and gm would probably give it a workout.
          Thanks for making up so many of my suggestions! Truly, you ARE a genius!

    5. Aifinkso we needz us a "groan" smylolee - maybe the eyes rolling up to the top while smacking his forehead or something. The short code could simply read "pb"!

      And a "bad hair day" smylolee. Big round eyes like the "hypnotize" guy and wild hairs coming out everywhere. Kinda to go along with the "head bang" kind of days. (Now don't go getting touchy, EM, do you have a guilty conscience or something?)

      1. Nawt mee!! NE wun uzzin dat bad hair smilee iz jest lettin me kno dat dey needs a trip to da EM Hare EMpoureeum an Dae Spa!!

        It weel bee likee da Bat SIgnal furr Hare Halp!!

    6. How bout one for "siggghhhhh"? Like he'd raise up at first, drop down at the end and pooch out his lips to let out a breath with snc-expressive eyebrows?

    7. Headbonk? Like High Five except with two heads facing each other, first smiling in recognition, then tucking their chins down and finally bumping heads with closed eyes and happy smiles?

    8. Dun-de-dunnnnnn, well, it's been over 15 minutes since tm has made a sugjeschun 4 a noo smylolee, afurtur awl!

      Wif alladat peeplol nomz, kud wii habz a playt oar 2 uv KAT NOMZ?!?!? (unspessEfyd, ob korse).

      How bowt sum kornfetti?! Dat shud B EZ!, just sparkly pixels awlober d plays!!! Lyke fyrewerks oar sumpin. (Sew sayeth d korfyoozer stuupie purrsun.)

  2. OOpz! Started 2 typifye Nd went 2 chekk sumpin awn a preebyuss lol poastiNg Nd wen ai gawt bakk heer, mai kawmint wuz disamapeerD. (Iz dat just a weerdpeepz peekyooliyarritee?)
    ai wuz goawna ask iffnez it wud B pawsibblol dat wen a Noo Kawmint nowtiffikayshun pawpz uppin d emayo feed, wen yoo tappawnit iffenz wii kud go dyrecklee 2 d kawmint Nd nawt 2 d tawp of d payj, sew it wud B az kawnbeenyunt azzit iz uNder d Hooz Tawkin secshyn.

    1. If u wuz on wun page and started typing and den, using deh same tab, went to anuzzer page wifout posting, ur pooter ate wut u had typed.

      I u wuz on wun page and started typing and den opuned a nuzzer tab and wented to anuzzer page, wen u went bak tu deh nawt-sekkond tab, ur typing shudda still ben dhere.

      Deh emayo notification uv noo comments am (az far az I know-- NC will correct mii if I iz rong) a word press feature and az such wii haz no control over deh linkage it provides. I haz nawt seeinged enny where deh emayo providez a linke to a specific comment, only to deh comment section uv deh page.

      1. It can be customized, but maybe nawt wif teh version of WordPress we have rite nao. It'll take some advanced code tinkering, but I will keep it awn teh list of things to explore in teh fyooture.

        1. Hey it’s got to be half full. Mainly due to me noticing that there is something there first and then you work on it to make it full or just use what yo17#82u&;ve already got!

  3. Fanksyew SEW much for enabling teh "Notify me of followup comments via e-mail." Dat makes it rillyrillyrillly eesier tu follow wut's going on. *nods*

    Ai duzzint seem tu b getting teh notification ob teh actual poast, thoh. It wood b nyce, butt no biggy. Ai kno yew prolly haz tons&tons ob higher priority stuffs.

  4. Any chance of a having a login to the site, please? I lose track of the comment I'm replying to when faced with the Name, Email and Website boxes, that's all. (No problems if not available)
    BTW, I'm using RSS for posts and comments and they work fine so I hope that's OK.
    Cheese, folks!

      1. Deh wp account am nawt deh same az a YesterdazeLOLz account. Wii kin make a YesterdazeLOLz user account fur u, if u like. Rite now u kant du much wif it, but soon it will allow u tu upload pixors fur LOLz.

  5. Waoww!!

    New playhouse am eezy tu luuking at, yoozing, fynding fingz (sewsew nice foar us obssessive types! hoo sed dat?...)

    Verreh verreh eye & mind relaksing design and straight-forward palzee (as in gud ole frenz) outreach / comunications.

    Yoo gyz am G U D. FankEWE! ♥ yoo!!

  6. Guuud Sirjeschunz, PB!

    Du wii neading:
    A cuppa? (hawt bebrijj inna mug)
    Shampayn bodlol and/or floot?
    pasghetti n meetbawls?

    Juss fawts *gigglol* 😉

  7. CatBurgh.

    Ai miss hur. 😥
    Du yew emayo wiffie hur?
    Kin yu asking hur tew comb moar offin?
    Shii kin bring Mindy adn Mr. Burgh 😉
    Yoo am berreh talinkted, Sir nc!

  8. Dere am wun tinee fing dat ai hazza prollum wif (dis mite just be de wey mai pyuter werks [oar duznawt werks], but ai duzzint kno coz ai laks de tekkniklol jeen). Awn de hoam paige ob de webbysiet ware it sez "Yesterdaze Lolz" at de tawp, de werd "lolz" iz wyte onna wyte bakgrownd adn yu kin hardlee seeing it. Dis am onlee a assthedik issyoo, butt it am buggin de HAIL owt ob me coz ai can haz a krabbie naychur abowt littlol bitty fingz liek dat.

    Soooo, iz it possiblol tu maik de bakgrown behine de "lolz" werd darkur? Oar, dis mite be prollum in chare adn nawt in pyuter.

    Ai fank yu foar yur attinshinz tu dis maddur ob nawt ohaiest impordints.

    1. U am talking about deh "yesterdaze LOLz superimposed on deh pixor uv deh kitteh?? I finso if I take deh pixor intu a photoeditor I kin add deh text in color and dat will fix dis issue.

      1. Dat am korrekt, mai leej - de titlol page wif de pitcher of a kitteh upsied daon unner a slat ob wood (?). De "Yesterdaze" shoze up fien butt de pitcher iz cuttid awf rite at de tawp ob "Lolz" adn yu cannawt see dat werd because dere iz no bakgrownd contrast. It just looks liek wun werd - "Yesterdaze."

        Fank yu!

      2. Ohai yor highness. Do you mean make the text part of teh pikshur? Before yew du dat, coz I fot ob dis a cupplol of tiemz before, it won't wurk on phone and tablets coz teh wurds iz wider dan doze screens and need tu bii ablol tu wrap wen teh screen is smaller, let me sii if I can find a way to outline teh letters in black.

          1. Ah, ai see - it must be mai pyuter, then, coz the "lolz" werd iz beeloe de "yesturdaze" werd awn mai screen.

            Ai nawt wunting tu kreeate prollumz coz it nawt a big deel, reelie. Pleez nawt anywun fool wiffit if it iz fien liek it iz for peeps wif tabzlitz adn foan pyuters (ai just hazza dynasore deskytawp). Ai can deel wiffit!

            1. Ohai Tikky,

              I made an adjustment to outline the letters. I hope dat wurk better.

              I still hab sum wurk to du to make it fit on tablets and phone better. Like yours, my tablet displays the word LOLz below the picture. I need to adjust the vertical alignment, and haven't quite found that setting yet. Lemme know what you think of the outlining though.

              1. Ohai again Tikky,

                I think I found the settings for small screen devices. I've adjusted the spacing, and it look good on my iPhone and iPad, but if you have a different device, I wood berry much appreciate it if you'd take a look and let me know what you think.


                1. Ohai snc66,
                  Ai hazza sorri ai didnawt gitz bak tu yu suner (ai duzzint haz a foan oar tablit pyuter, ai onlee haz de oald deskytawp) - de change wif de outlining looks WUNNERMUSS!! Yu izza jeenyus! Fankx so mutch for duing dat, nao ai can reed bofe wurdz adn ai hazza happitayl!!!
                  *fiksez chonklit martooni for snc66*

                  1. Oh I see. I misread your comment. I fot yew sed yew hadda table wen clearly yew sed dat yew had teh desktawp. I dunno wot I wuz finking. Oh well, I hadda do it N-E-way for da phones and tablets, but I am glad dat it is working awn your computer nao too. Duz teh letters still display below the skwished kitteh picture, or did the letters adjust size so that they awl display on tawp ob teh pikshur.

                    Like dis

                    1. It iz now completely readablol (bofe werds) wif de halp ob de owtlining, butt awn mai pyuter the word "lolz" and the small print below it are not on top ob de skinny horizontlol kitteh pitcher, dey are in a blank white area below de reeeelie skinny kitteh pitcher.

                      If I had to define it, I would saying dat de type iz too larj to fit on tawp ob de pitcher adn so it oberlaps onto a non-pitcher ayrea. Duz dat making sents?

                      Anyhoo it am nawt a krooshul prollum, and nao ai can reed awl de werdz! Fankyu agin fur awl yur hard werks!!

  9. Am thair a weigh oar meens to subscribafy to dis nyoo homesite vaya emeow, da way we getted notice-a-fikayshuns of teh lols on da oald paje? I lukked arownd, but cud not find out how to doing it.

    1. Ohai lupinssupins. You can subscribe to comments on a particular LOL by clicking the checkbox at the bottom of the comment submission form (below the POST COMMENT button), or if you want to get email notices whenever a new post appears, then we can set you up with a user account, and you can turn on the notifications for new posts in you user profile using the My Profile button in the side bar. If you would like us to set you up with a user account to do that, then please send us an email using the Whappityspoonz email button near the bottom of the sidebar.

  10. Ohai! Dis kommink am direktid tew SNC,,,,ai dunno iffen u saw mai reeply tew ur kommink awn teh 'peter rabbit' lol, ai hoap sew butt jus inn kaise ai gonna sai it heer tew: pleez pleez neber fink wee r kritisizing er karping bowt teh smylees. Wee arskin fer teh moon alla tyme an iffen sum uv wat wee arsk fer iz nawt feezablol den sew be itz. Dere r a plenitood uv uvver fer uz tew play wiv an dey r awl gratelee appresheeayted, az iz awl ur wurks .

    Kermie armz wud bee funneh but nawt a reekwiremint.

    Ai did hazza ideea fer 'splort', ai haz noe ideea haow u duz deze awsum smyleez butt teh flannik wun luuks tew bee almost tew peese, sew alawng doze lynes wat abowt a smylee faise wiv teh tawp uv teh hed opin, lyke awn a hindje an a lil brayne daown beesyde itz? Wiv lil Xs ober teh eyez? Dunt haz tew maik itz animayted an sho teh brayne poppin owt er aneefing lyke dat.

    kinda lyke dis fer teh tawp uv teh hed

    An agin...fank u fer awl ur wurks!!

    1. Ohai BF. Fankeez foar teh suggestion. I gno yoo awr nawt kritisizing. Don't take my self depricaysun seriously oar my tendency tu eggplayn da details moar dan peeps need tu gno azza attempt tu eggszooz myself foar sucking. 😉 It's just my nature wen I gno I hab a task tu do. It probably komz frum habing tu du it at pleh wurkity. I gno yoo guise gno I will git it dun wen I can and wen it's rite. pikkelz

  11. SNC!!
    Ai lubbs awl teh smilieez! 😀 Yew ar ossim!

    Ai wunner ifn wii cood haz a nod hed dat iz like a *nods vigorussly* oar somefing dat haz teh blind enfusiam like teh Odie-goggie . Teh wun wii haz iz berry wise adn knowing.
    Mebbee wii just nodding puppeh. LOL!

    1. Ohai Bayshang. Sorry for the delayed reply. I gawt an email dat you posted dis cawmint, and I wuzzint ignorning it, I just habn't had a chance to reply, and I knew dat teh cawmint wuz safe where I wouldn't forget to do it.

      My first priority iz going to (finally) get the splort smiley done (kermie arms too), then the other ones that have been sitting on the list for a whylol. Then, I'll do the ones dat have been requested since. I have to resist the urge myself to add more smileys before then, especially when some only take a couple of minutes to do, but I've added it to the list, and I prawmiss dat I will get to it eventually.

      1. No wurriez!
        Ai appreciamate it being on Teh List! If yew can add it sometime, dat wood b awesome. Ai duzzint kno ifn it's a eezy fing oar a hard fing, au duzzint want it tu b a pane. Meenwile, ai enjoy playing wif awl teh wunz yew keep adding. 😀
        Fanks, SNC!!

              1. Wuddint objekt tew a kermie green vershun tew butt IMO nawt striktlee a necessissississitee, aifink iz teh awsum

  12. Ohai! Ai sent inn mai speshul raise day smylee rekwest bye emayo butt ai'd alzo lyke tew suggest jazz hands (oar paws) an biiiiig grin wuns! Kaithxgitriteawndatwillya?!

  13. ohai, kan i maek sujeshun? cud we haz maybee a pikkshur fingy of a Guiness Piggeh? an, an, sum fugly mugs tu frow? sew wee kan maek sum cool taebles an such?
    i iz habin sew mush fun reeding awl teh stuffz!
    wee iz goin awn vakashun next next weekweekweek, sew won't be abel to plai 🙁
    will bee bak at end ob munf tho!!

    1. Ohai Mamacat.
      I'm working awn a form tu allow peeps to add rekwests tu their own lists above,
      but I have a question abowt da fugly mugs and da taebles.
      How do dhey relate? Duz yew make mosaic table tawps owta borked peesez ob da mugs?

      1. o, sew glad I checked this beefour wee left. yep, that is wut u du. nawt shur haow u cuud wurk it tho, butt jus fugly mugs wud bee fun, liek wee wuz frowing dem wen wee wuz mad. oh, oh, den u cud maek wun wif sumwun ducking teh fugly mug, lol. otay, i am dun, mus go sleeps sew kan go kampin!


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