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The Kitten and the Marine

Boops: 1


Today'z LOLz am full uv Skwee!!

Plz tu putting on ur CHRGz, 50z bavving capz and sebberal layers uv dukky tape.  Failure tu do so may lead to extreme sportage.  Deh management will nawt b responible fur braynium damagez to those hoo duz nawt take protective measures.



The Kitten and The Marine

Via: U.S. Navel Institute

"Accepting her fate as an orphan of war, 'Miss Hap' a two-week old Korean kitten chows down on canned milk, piped to her by medicine dropper with the help of Marine Sergeant Frank Praytor ... The Marine adopted the kitten after its mother was killed by a mortar barrage near Bunker Hill. The name, Miss Hap, Sergeant Praytor explained, was given to the kitten 'because she was born at the wrong place at the wrong time'." - Korea, ca 1953

Sep 26, 2014. 4 pm