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Grand IgNogUrAwl Bawl

Boops: 3

Dance Lessons

We finish our Ebening uv Kulcher wif a Grand IgNogUrAwl Bawl.  Deh vuvuzela takez deh stage.


Ahoy, Picklolz!!!!  Wii iz heer tu sillybrate deh election uv owr smileez!!!  Let mii introduce deh fine smileez u haz chozen.  Plz to holding ur applause until awl uv dem haz been introduced.  *az eech smilie am introduced, hii or shii walks or danses ontu deh stage and and wavez tu deh crowd, then stands while deh rest am introduced*

Ur noo Prezzie Dent, ; and VEEP,


Gran Maester of AKORMS, BOIsay

Chairman uv deh Eekanommynickel Rekubberee Planz, or ERP,

Komisar ub Brayn Sukkaje,

Potentate uv Potent Potabolz,

Gran PooBah ub Paraides,

Gubbern-MENTAL "Transparency" Obersyte,

IRS Tax Kolleckshun Kommittee,

Boisterous Offishul Energiez Kommishun oar B.O.N.K.,

Lakka Integritty An Remoarse (LIAR) committee,

Hed ub hour DeePart Mint ub Helff,

Hed uv d CIA,

Hed uv d FBI,

Hed ub Nashunawl Seekyoority,

Hed ub da Faught Police,

Hed ub Reptilliyun Affairs,

Hed ub Amped Phibbian Affairs,

Co-Heds ub Enfooziazzm, and

Hed ub Nashnul Apternoon Pause (NAP) Bored,

Head uv the Sleepytyme Aktiviteez Kommittee,


I iz berry pleased tu introduce az bof Minister ub Swagglol AND ChairKat of Chair 'in!!

And finally and most gratefully, urz truly, Hed uv Kulcheral Affarez,

*Awl uv deh elected smilies bow and the crowd erupts intu enthusiastic applause*


*  motions fur silence*  Thank yoo!!  Now, on behalf uv awl uv us here on stage, I would like to akknowlege a berry special guest.  SirNativeCa, come on up here!!!  Nun uv us wud b here wifowt yoo!!!  Thank yoo, our most benificent creator frum deh bottom uv ower digital s.

*SNC steps up on stage* 

*Deh crowd leaps tu its feet and deh roar uv applause and cheering can b heard around deh whirlld.*                                            

*wen deh thunderus applause dies down, deh vuvuzela steps back to deh microfone.*  Now, ebbreewun, put ur dansin' shooz on!!!  Let's Dance!!!!


r u ready

Boops: 2

r u ready 2 order

It am time fur dinner.  Wii am at a berry Ohai-Class Resteeraunt so remember nawt tu tawk wif ur mouf full.  Ower waiter wreckermends deh shwimp cocktails fur starters, and deh poached salmonz fur deh main course.  Deh soup uv deh day am cheezy chicken soop.

Aug 3, 2014.  7 pm


Boops: 1


It am Matinay time at deh Low-Buget Theatre in ower Ebening Uv Kulcher!!  Don't furget tu stop in deh lobby fur nomz!!  (Deh litter-box room am over dhere on deh rite, behind deh poster fur up-coming shows. )

Aug 3, 2014.  4 pm

I shall be

Boops: 1

I shall be attending the  shenanigans all evening.

Time tu get reddy fur ower Ebening uv Kulcher!  U kin shop fur ur owtfit or git ur hares dun at EMz House uv Horrors Hair Emporium az u prepare fur deh shenaniganz.  Donut (mmmm..... s) furgitting u kin put pixors uv ur finery in deh comments.  Deh hot tub am availablol if u needs to relax b4 awl deh festibbities.

Aug 3, 2014. 1 pm