Blackhawks vs Ducks 5/30/2015






    1. *Tayks tray obertu boofay an heepz it wiff wingz an fride cheeze an abukkit ub bloo cheez fur dippin.*
      Git enny dye it coak? Godda watch mai gurlish figger....

  1. *Lines up shot glasses for 2/3rds time festivitees*
    *Lines up glasses for the end of the game*
    *Shakes up the champagne bottle* 😎

      1. Yeah, dun mind losing, but this isn't even any fun tu wotch.
        I wuz at least expecting tu see a game. Dis is just stupid and sad.
        There's a cupplol of hours of daylight left. Gunna go wurk in the yard.

    1. Why she mad at you? I guess it takes a while before she recongnizes that you are her new person. I send her a chin skirtch through the innerwebs. If she is nawt up to it, she can save it until she is more comfy. *skritch*

            1. no tellin how longs it will taek herr to figger dat owt... NE wae - -I iz glad i shutted da door -- eben iffn mai guys wuz nawt beetin on her I finksew dey wuz InnTroodin inna her purr sonawl space -- witch rite now amma circle bout 4 feet wide alla rounds her ....

      1. Iz ober --

        Weerd -- Da Ducks coash or wot eber -- nawt da balbee wun - da wun (Brad Lauer) remindz mee ub mai ex-huzzbind * tern an spit* -- sew -- nuffer gud reezun to whoop doze ducks ...

  2. My bruvver living in Cheek Ago will be in Suffra Bull [daaaa Bulls! alsotewazwell] aftur dis gayme! Good fing ai'm onna Facey buch high ate us, so ai doan hafta see alla hiz "HAWWWWWWWKS" poasteses. Since our Sainted Louis ♫ Blooz bowed out all 2 twirly inda endless series of ing serieseses, wee St. Loozeeuns had no in diss fite--- 'sept fer rooting fer da Midwest oaber da Wet Coastals, I guess... But, given this iz alsotewazwell basebol seezin, it'z hard fer a St. Loo Easy Wun to root fer Cheek Ago in ennyfinn!

    We didnae see mutsh ob da game, becuz our Cardinals gayme wuz alsotewazwell onna broadkast teevee am very vary rare fing, since we hab da K-ball tv]. We had a free-ower rain dee lei!!! And den da Cards wurr ahead one to fer sevral innings... Sew, when my kidlet went to watch da rest uv da gaym in himz room, I dared to switch to catch some nooz an a hockey uppydate. I sware, I was only gone from our hometown boi, Joe Buck, foar a few minutes! But when neggst I checked in on da baseball, doze blasted Dodjurs had skoared foar runs! Followed by a 5th one and den some more poaring rain! Stoopy kards are da z uv gibbon away leeds.

    All ob witsh bringz to mine, maestro SNC, we could reeely use some sporadic smilolees! Like da only foar uvver spoarts, like baseyball, football [u.s. & soccer]... unless ai'm missing sumfing de in da short coads list? Ai fowt of trying to embed a photo of a cardinal/redbird, but dee instructions seemed too intimmydating to dis techno-noob... And I is much too old to be dating timmy!

      1. Oh, fankeez! Datz some fast servus, Sir! Ai could serntnly unnerstand iff yoo wanted to take a day oar tew to recubberify... from da game and from da deep friar!

        1. Naw, better tu engage in sumfing tu take my mind orf it.

          I gawt baseball, (American) football, basketball, soccer (a.k.a. football). N-E suggestyunz? Team logos purrhaps? (warning: might nawt render well in smiley sizes)

          1. Hmm... Nawt nessessarily teem logos [esp. wiffout dee eggspress written consent of da respektib comishiners ... ) But sum simplol wuns mite wurk-- like a Jen-Eric cardinlol [altho I noze if dare are enuff of us cheezpeeps in St. Loois to make it wurfwhylol? ] Anna Bloo Jay [same kwestshun about T'rono membership here]. An it'lol be irrelephant until neggst seezin, but a musiclol note in da cullr blue would symblolize da Bloos [da teem and da muzik!]... An a litlol bear cub az a Cubbie --- and alsotewaswell da werdz bear/bare? An red sox and wite sox an-an-an... But dat makes fer a long-long rode ob codifying, right? Becuz dare am a LOT of sporadic teems, in Norfe Murrka alone, and den dare are all da Ozzies an UKers, about which ai noze nuffing!

              1. O, SNC, ai haz hadda no shun 4 a sympleefyd verzhun uv mai happitaylz . Doing the 2-fur-1 "ackshun figgyoor" with flippy taylz myta bin 2 hard. Aisle send it 2 U seppritlee (as long as U R lookin fur werk theez dayz. snerk!)


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