kyoorie - Kyoorieously kyoot kyootie

oinkie - Goggie tungz dat resembol liddlol pink piglets 

num - Nuffin but rum 

protty - Pritty Polly  

tekkanize - Rekkanize ah tekky geek boi

fong - A Japanese anime Toonami fing awn Adult Swim

werks - Missing functionality 

fqend - A queer (i.e. strange) fwend 

tew - Hoa yew address a tank'd skwrrl in need of a bendy straw. 

na - A coordinating conjunction wurd similar to "adn" wen used in a Not Applicablol way 

kwenkwrng - Wot sumwun duz tu yor noads dat makes it hard tu annunciate 

Snickáy - snicker wiff a beráy &

orotek- The gold standard ob hand protekshun wen rubbing kitteh bellehs

toflmao - Typo'ing on the floor laffing my arse off.


...and many moar, and pro'lly moar tew come.



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