Practice - Archive 1

Dis page iz solely devoted tu trying owt fings.

  • HTML tags like <b>, <i>, <code>
  • Video linkees
  • Smilies
  • Abatar changes
  • etc.



              1. "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum."

                    1. “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.”

    1. Wii lubs yoo as a lurker too -- Pleese to kno that you can speak as much or as little LOLspeak as you wish to! You can write your posts entirely in English - or add inz a leetlol bit ub LOLspeak as yoo get comfortable!

  1. Smiley List
    [blush] or [oops]
      1. Sawry PB, been a lawng day. I just noticed dat you posted dis rite below where I wuz testing teh whisper tag. Yesh, teh small text can bii made wif [whisper]small text[/whisper]

    1. *tips hed* *skwintz* dooze dey maek middle sized beeg werds? Biggerer dan regoolar, butt smallerer dan 'ed werds ...

      Butt nawt innatween whisper and regoolar --- berry oddish ... oddish in deed

    1. can yoo doo a code for the middle big? The combo ub shout whisper wiff out habbin to typitty boff??? I no I no -- weel nebber be happi!! It kin bee atta da buttom ub da listee ....

            1. eberytymr yoo poosh da buttum it freten yoo wiff stuffs -- iz funneh furr littloler kids -- search "dont push the red button" in the app store -- grandkidlets will giggle ifinksew ...

          1. OK, I see wot's happenin'.

            Duh [imagize]URL[/imagize] parts awl hab tu bii awn da same line.

            Maybe I will change it so dat it wurk more like a <img src="URL" /> tag

  2. Um....I hate to constantly sound stoopy but I totally don't understand the instructions on how to embed a picture. 😳

    Where do you put in the width and height? Is there a page, as there is for submitting a lol? Is this something I can do with a picture from my hard drive? Thanks for any advice.

    1. Unfortunately no, yoo can't do it wif a picture frum yor hard drive.
      It hasta bii awn da interwebs sumware.

      It's sorta like making a linkee, where you type dis in the comment box
      <a href="">Linkee text</a>

      But it's a shortcode, and there is no ending tag
      [img src="" /]

      If you want to put in a width or height (not required)
      [img width="300" height="300" src="" /]

              1. very odd -- I have used this before and it worked just fine --- I also just noticed that a picture SNC had in the lass LOL is now borked ... Don't think it is yoo BF

              1. Nope -- sumpfing am ups wiffy da short code -- I used da lod way == doo dis:

                < img src = "webbyaddress" >

                Butt git rid of all da spaces and fer webbyaddress use the URL yoo copied ...

                    1. duz u need tew put teh " afore an affer teh web address? Ai akshulee tride it boff wayz. Seemz lyke it shud bee simplol enuff, ai dunt haz anee trubble dewin teh klikkable link wun butt dis wun haz deefeetid meh.

                    2. Nope -- butt cween sez yoo kinnawt uze dat wun -- BUTT -- Da wun tyme wiffy da short code yoo wuz jest miisin a " -- see yer comment wiffy da pikky -- I jest added a " atta da end --- sew try it again ... just copy and paste , then swap in the URL

                    1. O deer. Dats teh wun ai dunt unnerstand. Ahm sawree tew arsk butt cud sumwun type owt (wiv spaises sew it wunt kome fru azza pixure) eggsaktlee haow it shud luuk?

                    2. SHUR!

                      [ img width="50" height="50" src="URL" / ]

                      K- egg Xackkly likee dis but takee out the space affer da "[" and afore da "]" and -- da stuff dat izbold yoo swap out. da URL bekombs da likee da nummers yoo changify furr wot size yoo want ==

                      50= small
                      100= bigger
                      400=TOO big

                    3. {img src="" /}

                      EGGSEPT replaise teh { } wiff teh [ ]

                    4. Sawree fur buttzing inn butt(!) ai cudnawt halping maisalf adn ai wontid tu lern awlso. 🙂

                    5. NO -- rite inbetween the "..." Exactly where the URL is.... Copy the pikky addy then block the letters URL an hit "CTRL V" on your keyboard....

                    6. ACK!! ACK!!!! Naow mai trize r goin inn awl randum plaises an dere stil messt up. Ai am bobviouslee missin sumfin heer. Fanks fer awl ur trine tew halp ebree wun.

                    7. Yu nawt borked teh page, sweetie pai. Der der. Yu will git dis. Hab faythe. :schmoo:

                    8. Oh awlsoaswellinaddishun yoo iz nawt stoopy adn pleez nawt tu kawl ower wunnerflol BF teh meen fings. {{{{{{{{{{BF}}}}}}}}}}

                    9. If yoo can make the <img src="etc"> wurk, den yoo shood bii ablol ta make [img src="etc"] wurk coz da only difference iz da brackets.

                      Keep tryin'...we'll get to Carnegie Hall ebentually. 😀

    1. BF!! You are somehow putting in a double URL -- There was an address for something at whappitty spoons AND the ICHC addy. I copied the pikky address from above and dropped it into what you had otherewize and it worked. I have to get my train so I am out. I think you have to get on the ophone with someone to talk you thru it. Email me your phone number and I will call you tonight. Ask TM -- I'm pretty good on the phone!!

    2. BF - See mai kawmint at 4:23 fur eezy peezy templayte. Nesting iz borked adn prolly naw halpsing wif yu confuzzlolmint. Ai duz nawt noes were dis will appearing in teh fred. Hang in der frend!

    3. Ohai BF. A copplol ob fings on hoa I fixed dis wun.

      1. You don't need tu put "URL" at the end of the http://yadda-yadda part. Don't know if dat wuz just a typo, or if yoo ment tu do dat.
      2. The URL needs to be the URL of the pixor itself. You had the URL of the page dat the pixor wuz awn. You can right click da pixor and select copy image address (or similar) to get the URL of the pixor. Don't copy it from the address of the webpage.

      Hoap dis halp. Don't wurry abowt being stoopy. You awrn't!!! It took me sum whyloz tu get it too wen I furst tried. Just keep practicing. BF

        1. Yesh. Ai yoozed teh orijinul URL taht BF tryinged adn it wurkingsed agin. If hur yooziz teh code templit frum mai 4:23 replai adn replaysis teh sqwiggly parenfiseez wif teh sqware brakkits it will wurking. Ai prawmiss.

          1. ai tride an iz nawt wurkin. iz bobviouslee meh whut dunt git itz.

            ammai posed tew taik owt awl teh spaises az wel az puttin inn teh ] insted uv }

            shud haz a pixure uv dansis hammysters below dere innsted uv gibberish...

      1. By da way. Leeb awl da error messages here. Dat way I can yooz dem tu improve code and provide some better human readable messages to halp peeps when sumfing goze wonky by seeing da kind of stuff dat peeps try.

    1. Sumhao the doublequotes arownd da URL got turned into right hand side double-quotes specifically (as opposed to left hand side ones or just regular ones). Foar instance, dis happens sumtiemz when I enter comments wif my smary-pants fone. Dat will bii sumfing else I check for in da future.

      1. Don't give awp yet. Glubzmawm had da eggzakt same fing happen. See my note above about the double quotes. I'm gunna try an fix dat right now.

        Dis time it REALLY wuzzint yor fault. 😉

      2. I figerred owt wut wuz teh prollim. Teh pixor size wuz too beeg. wen ai spesifyinged teh max dimenshuns in teh code, it werkinged. Heers wut ai puttinged:
        {img width="300" height="300" src="" /}

        Eggsept wiff teh sqware brakkits insted of teh sqwiglee wuns.

        1. I prawmiss it wuz da double-quotes. Look at yor comment. See how the left and right ones is a liddlol different. Dat's wot happens tu the URL sumtimez, but I can filter for dat. I fink the width and height wuz just a happy koinkydink.

          EDIT: Comments are not showing left and right style quotes now. I tweaked WordPress so that it doesn't do that anymore. Peeps were copying and pasting other peeps' examples and getting more confused. We can legitimately blame WordPress for this one.

    1. BF, plz tu nawt blaming urself fur ennyfing.

      Dis sort uv fing am nawt ennybuddyz "fault" it am simply an issue uv getting deh pooters to doing wut wii wants dem to do. Dey kin b soooooo pikky, and ebbreefing haz to being exactly right or dey throw hissy fits. Dis am why I iz nawt a programmer.

        1. it am deh stoopy dubblol kwotes gibbing it fits.

          img width="300" height="300" src=""/

          img width=”300″ height=”300″ src=”” /

          Can u seeing deh difference in deze twu commands??? Deh top wun will work if u put deh skware brakkets around it. Deh bottom wun will send WP intu hysterical hiccups.

              1. Dat's a product of the data entry filters of the comment box itself. Why it doesn't do it with the <img src="etc"> tag, and only sometimes with the shortcode is a mystery. But I can filter it back out either way in the code of the shortcode.

                    1. OK...all the [img src="etc"] shortcode trials hab been moved here to the practice page.

                      I have fixed some of the issues and trapped the otter wunz dat I coodn't fix and added sum better error messages to dem.

                      BF, many of your trials are showing up now without any changes to them. Please give it a try one more time using the format above.

                      A couple of things I fixed/trapped
                      When WordPress converts double quotes to left and right double quotes.
                      Also did this for single quotes, but I haven't seen anyone do that yet.
                      When the URL has https at the beginning instead of plain ol' http
                      When someone accidentally leaves URL at the send of their URL
                      When someone somehow gets at the beginning of the real URL.

                      One thing I couldn't fix
                      When WordPress only changes the right double quotes. This will show up as an empty URL. Still working on this one because WordPress doesn't even give me a chance to change it back. It just blanks out the URL altogether. 😡

                      It's possible that you can leave the quotes out altogether and thus possibly avoid the issue in the first place. Haven't tried that yet.

                      EDIT: Tried leaving out the quotes. It wurks! Avatar here is an example

                      Finally, I'm going to archive this practice page and start with a fresh clean sheet because all dis practicing is starting to slow down this page.

              1. copy deh code and paste it into NOTEPAD. Replace all uv deh kwote markz wif deh Notepad kwote marks, Den copy and paste it into a comment and putt deh skware brakkets arownd it. I don't know why WP keeps changing deh kwote marks, but it duz!!!! GRRRRRRR!!!!

                    1. I fink I fingered owt where the right and left quotes was coming frum on the laptop/PC...peeps trying to copy examples frum previously posted commints. I'll see if there iz a way around that using a <code> tag or remove the bit in WordPress that does it altogether. You can always use the html codes &#8220; and &#8221; if you really want dem, but like trying censor lolspeek, wii shood probably turn off anyfing in WeirdPretzel dat tries to autocorrect anyfing. I also don't like teh way WP removes repeating spaces and blank lines.

        1. Just fink uv awl deh peeps dat will haz it sooooo much eezier now bekuz uv ur determination!!!! You kept at it and dat allowed SNC to figger owt deh problem wif deh stoopy kwote marks and hii fixinged it!!!

          Yay tu bof Yoo and SNC!!!

          1. Hee!

            Hay, ai haz notised dis afore, haz aneewun else? Wen ai poasted teh dansin guize, teh mixt groop, tehy wuz nawt dansin in sync. Naow ai kome bak tew teh paige an deye R in sync. Innerestin!

          2. YESH!!! Fank YOO, BF foar sticking wif it. It halp'd mii find more dan wun prawblem wif teh shortcode adn make improvments tu it. Trully a wurthwylol eggsorsize.

            I eben hab an idea nao on how tu make it not slow down da page so mush wen peeps lotsa diffrunt want tu post pixors in da comments awn da same LOL. My PHP skills awr getting better, lemme show dem dem tu yoo.

            1. Awn a cupple uv mai skrew upz dere ai see it sez cuddnt figger wat ai wuz trine tew dew an tew kontakt whappity spoons butt ai haz noe ideea at dis pernt wat ai did awn doze wuns. Ai wuz awl ober teh plaise inna stait uv mass konfushuns.

              1. Ifinso those b messages dat SNC haz putted intu deh coding so dat deh next time sumwun b habbing probblemz like u had, dey will getting a message to contacting us. U kin feel free tu ignorifying dem. U haz succeeded!!! BF


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