Practice - Archive 3

Dis page iz solely devoted tu trying owt fings.

  • HTML tags like <b>, <i>, <code>
  • Video linkees
  • Smilies
  • Abatar changes
  • etc.


        1. Wow, dat wuz odd. Ai am jus inn teh middlol uv emailing teh whappities bowt it. Naow dey luuk otay butt jus a few minnits ago wen ai luukt at dis post wiv mai pc dey wuz awl fine, wiv mai smarty fone ai did nawt teh smilies ai postid, ai saw dog, saxxyfone and chick.

          Inn teh middlol uv typin teh emayo ai caim bak tew chek wat wuz showin and naow dey luuk fine, jus wat dey shud bee ebin awn teh fone. Straing an mysteereous!

  1. A liddlol bit louder now
    A liddlol bit louder now
    A liddlol bit louder now
    A liddlol bit louder now?[/yell][/shout]


    A liddlol bit louder now
    A liddlol bit louder now
    A liddlol bit louder now?


        1. Yoo haz to b logged in tu YesterdazeLOLz.
          Den it will looking like dis under ur name in deh comment:

          March 11, 2015 at 6:52 am Edit

          Deh werd "Edit" will b clickable and it will take u to an editing box.

          1. MJ, EM, and NC can edit ennywunz comment.
            Commenters can only edit their own comments.
            The comments must have ben made while u were logged in. U cannot edit comments that you made while yoo were nawt logged in.

  2. Testing comment editing

    EDIT: SNC fixed it! You can now edit your own comments dat yew maded while logged in, as long as you are also logged in when you try to edit dem.

  3.      *snap*      *snap* 
           ..          ..
           ..          ..
          .  .        .  .
          .  .        .  .

          1. Yore reel lyfe wun.
            Wot?!? SNC hazza REEL LYFE????
            Butt! ai askded iffenz d lolsub prowseejer wuz d sayme kweschun uv E_M and she ansurd, nd ai sented inna lolsub jist naow.

        1. Ohai S4H. I hadda install a different plug-in to get a FB video to wurk a little whylol ago, but I habbent published teh shortcode to teh shortcode pages yet. Lemme see if I can find dat comment and see wot I did so I can bonk yor comment and maybe git dat shortcode wurkin' foar eberyawdee.

          1. Found it! Use [evp_embed_video url="http://..." /]

            For example:
            [evp_embed_video url="" /]

            Note: Be sure to right click the video on FB and select copy URL.

                1. Well now, there's the drawback to my aversion to Facebook.

                  I don't use it at all, so I don't know how it works sometimes. Seems when you visit with the Chrome or Firefox browsers, it shows a .MP4 version of the video, and when you visit with Internet Explorer, it shows a .SWF (i.e. Flash) version. Finding the .SWF URL of embedded video is (and always has been) very difficult. You have to look at the source code of the web page, and even then it's not always obvious what it is. It's too bad that the Flash player doesn't just have a menu option that let you see exactly what file it is playing.

                  By the way, with HTML5 becoming popular, Flash is starting to go away, which is probably why Facebook only serves .MP4 files to Chrome and Firefox now, but I digress.

                  It seems on Facebook that you can watch some things while not logged in and some things you have to log in to watch. Someone recommended trying to go to Facebook's mobile site instead of the www site (linkee below, but I had to log in to try that, and I don't have an account.

                  So, long story short, I'm really sorry, but I just don't know how to do it in Internet Explorer. At least, I don't know an easy way. I'll keep playing with Internet Explorer and see if I can figure it out, but for now, if you have Chrome or Firefox, the way I described earlier should work.

                  1. Gotcha. I'm at work where they only use IE, so I'll try again when I'm home and can use my own browser.

                    Funny, pulling up the source code was my other attempt, but like you said, it wasn't very obvious and the only thing I was able to dig out was the .gif it gives while loading the video.

  4. this is a test
    of the block quote tag
    how does this look?

    He is responsible for the planning, procurement, organization and execution of a project. He is the first point of contact for any issues or discrepancies arising from within the project team and escalates to higher authorities. He is the point person for maintaining progress, mutual interaction and prioritizing and assigning tasks to various parties in order to minimize risks and costs and maximize benefits of a project.

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