Happy Easter

Yoo hab fownd awl teh eggs!!!
Now sit back and enjoy teh show. (and maybe brag a liddlol in da comments).

Dis wuz dat page dat yew gawt tu wen yew fownd awl teh eggs frum the 2015 Easter Egg Hunt

SNC haz hidden sum eggz awl ober the site. Find dem awl.

1. The furst kwestion peeplol yooshully ask abowt dis game is where can I find owt what it is all "ABOUT"?

2. There awr no RULEZ tu dis hunt. Just find awl teh eggz.

3. There is at least wun otter bunneh egg in teh day befoar "Yesterdaze" LOLz.

4. Wen searching foar fings, sumtiemz it is a guud idea to start at teh beginning (i.e. teh very oldest LOL). Hint: Page 357

5. Some of deez awr too E-Z. Perhaps I shood giv yew sumfing harder. Solve "Search" for X, where X = ( elebenty * elebenty * elebenty * elebenty ) - elebenty

6. There iz an egg hiding ware BF and TikkyTac "sang" their rendition of The Nite Befoar LOLmas.

7. Rumor haz it dat teh Princess Bride hid an egg frum Prince Humperdink.

8. Paws foar a minnit tu "PRACTICE" coloring sum moar eggs.

9. I if there is a shortcode shortcut tu finding deez eggz.

10. Where du yoo fink awl deez eggs "came from"?

11. If yew lub dis game, den maybe teh neggst egg is ware furrbebbeh's go to try tu find lub.

12. It's going tu bii "Epic" wen yew find da last wun.


        1. Noaww 😉

          Aye dint git teh maff wun(s), teh Princess Bride eebin dough i membur yew reeding us teh stoareh, "came from", nor teh nawt sekkint lol... yet

          Butt(!) aye shore had funz laffing awl obbur agin at owr stories & play, wotta a bunch ob pikklolz!

          1. OK, da maff wun iz 11 times 11 times 11 times 11, den minus 11 (use a calculator and hit da equal button before you minus). Den poot the number in the search box. Only wun LOL will come awp in da search results.

            The nawt sekund wun, go to Older lolz (near the bottom of the page), den type 357 instead of 2 in the address bar in your browser, adn den go to the last LOL awn dat page.

            The Princess Bride iz a linkee in the right side bar ob ebery page.

              1. Okae, fanx tu klooz foar teh sleap-challenged adn emoshunally-zapped Roofiez,

                Aye fownd awl teh eggiez!

                mr.Eeshtur Bunneh

                s himz cotton taylol

  1. That wuz teh awsum, SNC! Big Easter hugs !!

    I caem home frum dinner adn wuz just checking in before bed, wen ai saw teh hunt adn felt kompelled to fynd teh eggz (needed a little hep wif teh elebenty kloo). SO much funz.....ai felt juss liek a little girl agin in mai Easter Bonnit .

    Happy Easter, Ebbreywun!!

    1. Fanks tew Sir akoz i cuddink git awl teh eggziss eefur assep himz wokked mii tu eech wun !

      Teh eggiez am teh preddeh adn waer teh whirr put whirr sush fun threds tu laff frew awl obbur agin! 😀

              1. den I habs no ideer witch wun i nawt founid .... no matters I hadd FLAMIN Burfdae Caek!!! Mae dae am KOMPLETE!!!

                I posted a pikky ub da silleh fing inna mai partay LOL.... Iz a berry happy flamin hedjee!!


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