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    1. .
      *picks awp Roofie and dusts her awf*
      Yew OK grrl? Didja finger it owt? Comments made here, eberywun can sii, just like any page. Tu reply tu EM's message, yew can click on the Subject link in her message above.
      yesh, yew hab u bii logged in
      And...only comments dat yew made whylol logged in awr editoblol.

            1. Rite rite rite! Iyam sew eezilee fyuuzed!

              Ahll log in and edit mai own comminks mao own saff.

              Juss azz suun azz Snc beemynz mii wot mao purrswerd am.

      1. Aye did klikkie hur linkie in the emayo wich put mii waer ai arkst if diss wozza fyoog.

        Aye sea dat efurreh wun kin sea. 😀

          1. Fyoog = Fugue. I git it nao.

            OK, ya just need ta log in aifinkso. Unfortunately, summa da feeturez awn teh site (comment editing and now direkt msgz) can only bii dun affur yew log in. Dat's just tu protekt yew frum sumwun else (stoopy trollies ) frum preetending dat thay awr yew.

  1. O Hai, Mary Jane & sir Nativeca66: via WhappitySpoons:
    Ai wuud liek tu registur; butt Ai'm nawt shure iyf Ai'm registured awlreddy;
    Prawblem iys taht Ai'm tekkie-challinged & haz a hekk ov a tiem figgeryng aowt
    'pooter stuff.... kan yuu halp me aowt? Fanks soe veree muches!! Adn bye teh waiy, soe veree nyce tu sea yuu agen.........!!! (Mai spehll-chekker iys hazing majur fitz.....) 😆 CKK...

        1. You shood bii awl set now. Yew shood hab got an emeow wif yor passwurd.
          It's sew guud tew see dat cayoot smiling kitteh abatar again.
          Yoo can login by clicking Pickle-In in teh Pickle Stuff menu at the top of the page .


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