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It's Yer Burfdaze!!!!!

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Toodae iz a Burfingdae,  I wunner for whomz?
It muss bee for sum bunny rite inna dis room.
Sew luks alla round yoo fore sum bunny hoo
Iz smilee and happi, mai gudness, iz yoo!

Hippo Hippo Burfingdae to our CWEENMJ frum awlz ub us to lubberlee wunnerfulls yooze,

CongraRatulashuns too you, and hopez dat alla yer sweetz dweemz come troo!!!!

*Dwags inn aba BEEG BOX ub Burffdae funs*  Lessee wots in heer todae!!

Derz caek -Fudjee wiffy ice cream onna top and dis nommy  #bday treats1 

AN Der am alla deez Icey Skreems - #bday ice cream2

Furr da Playin we haz deez  #bdaytoys AND deez!! #bday toy

Der am also bunches ub KockTayles #bday drink2


An vodka!! furr da #bday drink7

Lastly and Bestly ders Balloonies and Streemers and PARTAY hats Furr Funs and Furr Awls!!!

##bday balloons ##bday hats  ##bday balloons

LOVE Y’all  Sin Seer Lee – ME!!BurfingDae Bunneh small

Happy Birthday!  Aug 15, 2014  2:00pm

An eHominy Submission

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Ohai, my name iz Topper and I like pinny gigs. My hobbeez awr shouting andtumbling. Wen I'm wif my fambily, wii slide and cook tugevver, and wen I'm wif my fwendz, wii like to chomp and eat, espeshully wif my fwendz GM and Roofie. At teh end ob teh day, I go tu a bathtub in Neverland Ranch, lay down, take orf my do-rag, and tuch my tail fevverz weneber I yam melon chollie. I yam lookin' foar uh racoon hoo likes loosly eggs and diapers and  juice oranges and bipedal fossilz, and hoo iz nawt awfrayd to fart and lurch wif mii. If yew awe evolved, plz let mii know by leebing uh cigarette awn da toenail, and I will bii shur tu git bak tu yew.

 dis ohaily accurate profile wus prepared fur Topper bai  Sir NC & deh Flannellettez 


pixor bai cweenmj

Lookin' Fur Lubz

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eHominy Profile

Breaking News - Adventure Cat Lookin' Fur Lubz

Ohai, mai name am Bud.

I iz a ornj (but nawt Poyzin) tabby-boi wif a sweet disposition.  I can haz rescueifyed twu catless peeps 4 yrs ago and haz successfully trained dem to open canz uv gushifuds, cleen deh litter box, and taking mii fur walks.

Fur deh rite kitteh-gurl, I will gibbing lotsa purrz, headbonkz and wash-wash-washingz.    I lubz rolling in deh sunnyshines, climing treez and chasing lizzards.

Plz tu contacting mii if u am looking fur a walk on deh wild side!