1. Pawablee nawt.

    ((Lol Speek awf))
    Here Ye! Here Ye! The wait is over! The newest member of the KKC family has arrived ((and Mods, if I mess this up any way, please fix))!!

    Here he is eating my shoe!

    Here's the backside of him!

    His name is Beauregard Lancelot ((it was an inside family joke before it became his name)), and we call him Beau for short. He's 8 months old and full of puppy energy!

    ((Lol speek awn))

        1. @ awl: Hii's a mocha colored labrahdoodlol adn hiiz gawt hiz baybee shark teef styll en.

          neeloless tew sai, hii's a bawl of energee that AI kant possibleee keepz up wiff.

          ((Mai oldur brofurr haz alredee nycknaimz hiim "fluffernutterz", so dere's dat....XD))

            1. blooz!

              AI weesh y'all cud sii himz!

              Ebery taim mai maom aor AI go walyking pazt, etz lyke a staympeed beehindz us!


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