1. Kompleetlee awf thred...wun uv mai giltee pleasures iz readin teh entertaynment nooz. Itz mostlee trash an drivel but wunst inna wile deres a bit dat givs u a guud feelin.
    Fer doze old enuff to bemember teh punk movemint (ai kno ur owt dere!) an a lil groop cawled teh Sex Pistols, dere wuz an aritkle abowt John Lydon an hiz wife uv 41 yeerz. An aifink a reellee guud examplol uv wai u shud nevur judje a book by itz cuver.
    Hope it wul pist awl rite


    1. I'd liek to reed moar, butt(!) teh page wuz completely inundated with distracting, flikkering, seezhurr indoocing ads. Thay axed me to tern awf mai Ad Blokker - which Ai did - adn tehn it became impossiblol for me to reed teh page, ennywaze. Just a ranting...

        1. Dat's okay. Ai can tolerate sum ads, butt(!) theez were all flikkery adn flashy adn were abowt ower local elekkshun, sew thay mustuv had mai location pegged.


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