1. Gud wun. Naow whenever Ai think uv tihs guy (witch reely izzn't very offin) Ai will pikkchurr wun uv thoaz cats-in-oald-timey-clothes pawtraits.

  1. Sew speeking uv adoptifcashuns... Ai think Ai menshunned a kitty Ai met a fyoo munths ago at a shelturr. A kyoot, frendly, affectionate littlol boy hoo unforchoonately iz FIV+. He also has a deformity in hiz fayce taht maeks him kinda funny luuking. Ai wuz okay with teh FIV, and hiz fayce made him kinda kyoot, butt(!) he wuz just a littlol yunger tahn Ai wanted. Butt(!) Ai kept chekking teh listings adn yesterday Ai wuz overjoyed to see taht he had bin adopted Ai'm sew sew happy for him!! Ai had bin tempted to go bakk adn get him, butt(!) naow he's with anuther FIV+ kitty, so it's teh best outcome.


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