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LOL by Poussinboi

PB sez Squeak's birfday am Oct 18th, Oz time.  So eben tho it am the 17th here in the states, shii am habbing hur birfday rite now!!

Oct 17, 2020  7pm


    1. A noverlode uv Squeakness! Happy Burthday nawt-sew-littlol gurl! Be gud to yore Dad today adn stikk to him liek gloo adn maek lots adn lots uv demands

  1. R yoo awl comfy? Good, cuz dis will take a while.

    Here am part wun.
    Dis am background info.

    When we boughted deh motorhome in 2006, it wus a major purchase, over $100,000. So wii took out a 30 year loan on it. We figgered we would bii libbing in it fur a loooong time. Den, only six yrs later, wii had to settle down and bought dis house. Wii would have liked to sell deh motorhome, but wii owed more than it wuz worth and there wuz no way wii had enuff munnies to cover the difference. So deh motorhome haz mainly been sitting in storage while wii made munfly payments on it.

    Huzbin am now in better health and wii would like to go camping, but deh motorhome am really cumbersum and so big it nawt fit in a lot of state park type campgrounds.

    Anyway, wii haz finally saved up enuff to pay off the motorhome!!!! So yesterday I went online and gave de bank a bundlol uv munneez.

    tu b continued.

  2. Part 2.

    Today, when I got in deh car, it sed my tires wuz low. 😯 So wii stopped at deh tire shop and they aired dem awl up and sed wii wuz good to go.

    Next stop wuz Petco cuz I didn’t pay close enuff attention to my Chewy orders and wuz almost out uv kitteh fudz. 😯

    The wii wented to a storage locker place and rented a locker to put awl de stuff from deh motorhome in. Wii has dishes and cookware adn towels and books and hoses adn leveling blocks and bungee cords adn lawn chairs and a patio rug, etc.

    Then wii went to Hobby Lobby to get copper clasps fur a bracelet. Other things jumped in mai cart! 😀

    Stopped at deh Hungry Greek and got twu saladz tu go. Came home and ate deh salads, Took Bud fur a walk.

    Tu b continued….

  3. Part 3

    After lunch and deh Bud walk, wii wented to Camping Whirrld. Huzbin and I had lookinged at trailers on dheir webby site over deh past few days. Wii had a list uv wuns wii wanted to looking at in person. Just tu looking. Nawt tu buying. Just looking.

    Talked to a nice yung salesman named Daniel. Hii showed uz deh wuns on our list and dehre wuz wun wii reeely liked. Daniel sez, lemmee just get u an estimate on ur trade in so u kin looking at deh numbers and decide wut u want tu do.

    So hii gotted out himz trade-in form and askinged uz a bazillion questions — whut model, yr, size, how many slide outs, what engine; condition of exterior, carpet, heater, A/C, etc, etc…

    Hii sez, now when u bring it in, our guys will check everything out and gib u a final offer, dis am just a ball park thing. Ok, let mii take dis tu deh finance office.

    Wii figgered wii would get about $18,000 to $20,000 trade-in value.

    After sum whiles hii comes back and showz us deh paper wif a big $6400 writted on it. Dat am nawt deh estimate uv deh trade in. Dat am nawt how much wii wud haz to pay after deh trade-in. DAT AM HOW MUCH DEY WILL PAYING US!!! Total trade-in value am $33,000!!!!!!!!

    to b continued.

  4. Part 4.

    Wii decided dat wii didn’t need tu thinking fings over. Wii will make dat deal!! Wii gib u a 14 yr old motorhome and u gib us a brand spanking new trailer and $6400!!!

    Now wii gots to get our stuff outta deh motorhome and store it, den clean deh motorhome. I know dey will do a very thorough cleening but it am fairly dusty adn I want it tu looking good when dey duz dheir evaluation walkthru.

    Here am a linkee tu wut deh noo trailer am like…..


    It am a Dutchmen Kodiak Cub 185MB with a slide out, sofa and a queen size bed.

    Here am deh actual wun wii am getting!


    Wii am sooooo excited!!!

    The end.

        1. Sew yoo went to trade in a vehiclol, adn caem owt with a noo wun adn cash? Dat's grate!

          Road trip!!! Ware we going?

          We can all pile in adn go to, Ai dunno....'Straylia!!


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