1. Well, it seemz dat Missy Harley did hurts hersalf. Ayefinksew dat her wuz chasin da moose an wen him runned in da goggoie door her followed (her wuz rites onna himz tayle) but managed to slamms hersalf into da side ub da door. Her leggie am nawt hurtie - it am her side body, likee her rib areeyah. Da V-E-T sed to gids her anuvver 48 hours so seeze iffn her feels bedder. I tired to halps her ups onto da couch an her skweezed! Jest likeea skweekie toi - one sharp SKWEEK....

    Her wanted her walkee -- butt I nawt fink dats wuzza gud ideer - sew TK jest tooked her out on da dribewar an let her sniffs sniffs sniffs awl ober, witch is eelee wot her wanted. Den her laid in da frunts yard a bit an came bakk in berry satisfied.


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