1. Ohai. We us fine thank yew. We had wun fan to cool us but it was always pointed at cats and not hooman and hooman kept complaining and bowt an udder fan dis week and so we now has two fans pointed at cats.

        How are yew?

  1. Tempers ar flarin ober teh dumbest fings. Ai wuz owt fer errinds today an awn way hoam swung into mickey d's dryve fru fer a sammich. Dere wuz sebral kars in lyne an admittedlee it seemd to be taikin a lil bit longur dan uzual. Teh wumman inteh kar behynd wuz skreemin owt hur windo 'WHATS TAIKIN SO LONG??!? K'MON, K'MON!!'
    Den wen she got up to teh pay windo ai cud heer hur harangun teh poor kid taikin dryvethru orders.
    Seemd lyke a bit uvva iberreakshun to waytin a cupple minnits fer ur burger

    1. Yes, peeps are berry on edge these dais wiff pashunts in short supply. Itz got to be ruff being in teh serviss industree rite now (poor guy taking orders ).


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