1. At wunna deh campgrounds wii wintered at, wii had potluck dinner ebbry Friday night. Wun week wii awl brought dessert except wun salad. Dat wuz mai favrit dinner.

  2. Topper borkt mai laptop last night. Hii wuz hopping around being his usual pain in deh ass and manged tu jump full force against deh screen of deh lappytop bending it further back than it wanted to go and fings snapped. The screan actually separated from deh cover and it won’t go back together. It still works, but dhe screen wants to lay flat. I haz gotted emails frum HP saying dat model am outdated and no longer supported. *sigh*

    Gonna go tu Best Buy today and see wut I can find. I haz my Chromebook, which is ok az backup, but deh screen am so small I haz tu set deh magnification up and den fings am just weird. and dhe keyboard is too tiny and my finners don’t always finding deh rite keeys. 21st century problems. *sigh*

    1. Owr hooman puts laptop on yoga blocks and bort a eggsternal blootoof jelly comb (name of manyoofacturer) keyboard an mowse combo. The keyboard has a silicone cover tat fits over awl the keys. Is makes screen eesier to use bekos he is not looking down awl da time. Also prevents cat hair/damage. He dus use laptop in wun place awl da time. Dis is da onlee time he has ebber used yoga blocks.


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