1. how are yew awl an wat are yew doing dis weak end?

    yessterdai was the hottest day ob the yeer. hooman ent to gym and jus did simpul eggcersice on treadmill bekos after 4 mnths he dus nawt want to be silly. yesserday he was puttng da deep heat' muskle relaxant on hiz legs but den choking ober the foomes and had to open da window but den tripped on way to da window and den started cursing.

    todai is also warm. hoomn was feeling groggy yesserday nite but den drank a lot of water and felt much better.he is putting ice kubes in owr water bowls.

    yesserady hooman went to his faborite cafe/grill and dey made him a special salad (not green leaf) which seemed to has sandwich spread yew get frm a jar but it was home made and much better. He wud like to make dis at hme but dusn't noe da ingredients but is going to gess. is a bit lik potato salad wit 12 tons of creamy spread and mayo..

    1. Plz, awl uv u, to be kairful in dis eggstreem heet! Haz bin gawd awful in deze parts fer a cupple weeks Bery slite releef today, iz ownlee mid 80's insted uv 90's.
      Ai had my vehikle inspektid an servised yesserday before wurks. Tomorro ai mus do groseree shoppin an uvver errinds. Mostly jus taikin it eezy today, thinkin bowt maybe gittin a bit layter

    2. Wow, dats a lot of mayonaze

      Caturday, ai shud hav bin cyclolling (max of two peeplol) butt(!) ai servissed two bikes nd trimmed teh lawn!
      Sunday mawning nao nd a sunny day ahedd


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