1. ohai!

    wat is yor noos?
    1. Hooman went to joyn a noo gym today. da furst tyme in 4/5 munths. He sed he did OK but wen he went to do stair climber - he strugglud to get 'up' the first few 'steps. long walk on treadmill and 'skier'. Dey are very safe in gym. noo tecnology meens yew can see how bisy da gym is at any time befor yew go in.
    2. hoomans nefew bort hooman a nylon guitar as a present as hooan had sed he had not played for decades. Hooman nebber got past beginner stage sitting-on-yor-bed-playing-leeving-on-a-*&^%(*&jet-plane. We is now dredding da furst few bars of stareway to heven being played badly ober and ober and ober and ober agayn. da gitar is a beginners gitar which nephew fownd at a bargain. dis is da eggsact model https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxGQu9l4oSk

    wat is yot noos?

    1. Guud fer Jack fer takin teh furst steps! Ai dunt haz much nooz, eggsept dat ai fink havin a lot uv tyme awf frum wurks turnt mai brayne to moosh. Ai kompleetly lawst trak uv teh fakt dat ai needid to registur an inspekt mai vehikle
      Ai wuz forchoonit to snag an appoyntmint awn friedegg.

      1. Some friends got together and we sat atta soshul distance from eech uther... adn didn't have much to say. If it's nawt COVID oar prezidential stuff, thayre's nawt much else. Adn hoo wants to talk abowt taht, ennywaze?

        Purrsonally, Ai yam "shopping" forra noo kitteh azza companion to mai naow-only kitteh. She won't admit it, butt(!) Ai think she misses her sister. Ai hazza napplicashun in onna little boy hoo might be sumwut yung and naow Ai'm just wayting to heer.


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