1. An okashinul column: wat we bort recently.


    Dis week owr hooman bort dese - delivered yesterday. Dey are gud budget hedfones but he wud not take dem owt of da howse bekos dey Wud not be sootabul for carrying arownd in a bag.

    We are going to try dem todai wen he's owt. He sed do not ever ever ever ever use dese noo hedfones which we think meens, please, ai Wud be delited if yew use dese hedfones.

    Wat has yew bort recentlee?

    1. Nyse! Uv korse u shud try dem, must provyde ur kriteek!

      Ai hazzint bot much laytlee but a few weeks ago at teh start uv owr super hawt wevver ai got mai ohai velositee big azz fan wat ai am reelee injoyin

        1. While Ai hazzn't payed for things yet, Ai am ordurring a noo bisikkle, adn Ai had to get a part for mai kitchen faucet. Tehn Ai decided to just get a whole noo faucet. Tehn Ai reelized tihs wuzza gud thyme to get a noo sink, becuz Ai've wanted a noo sink for a while. Sew tewday thay caem to meazhurr for mai noo counter top


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