1. wun thyme ALL fore ub mine were starin atta da saem spawt onna da floor in da hall. I desyded dat I reelee didnawt need to go dat wae jest den....

        Like wen da doggos am goin nutso in da yard wiff der introoder bark-- I figger iffn dey kinnawt handlol it der am lttlol moer dat I kin do.

  1. Ohai. Wevver was sunny and warm fur 2 days, then rainy/grey ever since. 2 days ago hooman woke ups wit crick in neck. Pillow was lik a misshappen toob. He thort da pillow case was too small but has jus realised yew has to pummel the pillow back in shape which he never duz. How are yew? Wat is Wevver like?

      1. his class finished las week. he thort da teecher was kwite gud. none of the stoodents were rilly gud or rilly bad. they wus all kwite syikologically normal which is unusual - if yew has ever taken an evening class - altjo dere were onlee 9 students for the zoom class. he has bin to a few evening classes ober da yeers and he says in a average class of about 15 - 20 peepul, dere is always wun 'nutcase' and wun 'know-it-all'. sumtimes wen da class has to reeds the work ob the nutcase out loud, it gows strangely silents bekos no one nos wat to say as the wurk has nuthing to do with anything the class is doing an if yew ask the nutcase man (is always a man) abowt his wurk - dere is a dangur he will tell yew abowt it and no wun wants a 25 minit storee abowt corn flakes.


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