1. We haddan oald, infreekwently yoozed coffee pot at werk taht sumthymes had teh "essence uv spider" feechurr.

          1. Deh FAA didn't supply our coffee pots .... wii had a "coffee fund" dat purchased deh coffee, pots, etc. using deh money dat wii paid into it. Wii could pay by deh cup, by deh week or by deh munf.

              1. I remember wunst I decided to mess wif deh guy who tooked care uv deh coffee mess. I saved up pennies in rolls until I had $5 (wun munfs coffee dues). Den I got wunna dem rolls uv white-out. I wrote mai initials on tiny pieces uf deh white-out tape and stuck wun on each penny. Dis tooked mii 2 or three munfs, doing it fur a few minnits at a time during deh work day. Finally I had awl my pennies labeled and I dropped dem into deh slot in the top uv deh cashbox on deh day I knew hii collected deh coffee munnies.

                Hii wuz stunned!!!!


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