1. Werl...we had owr meetins at wurks awn friedegg, nooz nawt guud. We needs to 'reduse production by 30% fer at leest teh neggst 3 munffs'.

      We am wurkin dis week, den wil haz to taik a 2 week shutdaown. Den bak to wurks, den anuvver shutdaown end uv joon/1st week july.

      Ai know dats nuffing kompaird to teh fowks who am hoam bekawse uv CV restrikshuns awn dere wurkplaises, ai awt nawt to komplain. but ai had hoped it wuddint kome to dat wen we sumhaow dtayd opin.

              1. Alreddy, wiv kurtaylin stuffs ai wud normally do awn weekends, ahm fyndin mai sleep cycle iz reelly messt up. Ai kant git to sleeps at nite wen ai need to, den end up fallin asleep awn kowch durin teh day. Wich jus maiks it hardur to sleep dat nite


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