1. And now my plate is clear
    And so I face an hour fasting
    Cheezefrends, I meow it here
    My need for noms is everlasting

    I’ve nommed a life that’s full
    I’ve gobbled each and every pie made
    But more - much more than this -
    I nommed it my way

    Regrets; I’ve had a few
    Just like that meal of day old bacon
    And then - that Irish stew
    The pasta bake best left forsaken

    I’ve planned each small repaste
    Each careful nip of noms in my tray
    But more - much more than this
    I nommed it my way

    Yes, there were times
    I came unglued
    When I nommed off more than I could chew
    Those fourteen pounds of rainbow trout
    I nommed it up and barfed it out
    Though I be small - my tail is tall
    I nommed it my way

    Cold ham - both smoked and baked
    And turkey steak in low fat portions
    And spam upon my plate with cod and skate
    I ate with caution

    To think Smudge did all that
    And is not fat but still a lightweight
    Oh no - oh no, not me
    I nommed it my way

    For what is a cat; what has she got?
    No tuna steak, then she has not
    To nom the meals she truly feels
    And not a plate of jellied eels
    The record’s clear; I don't do beer

    But nom it my way

    Yes - I nommed it my way

    1. Oh brava!

      Ai hazza pikkchurr uv mai kitteh on teh tub, between teh curtins. Ai will noaw think uv tihs song whenever Ai see it.

  2. Ethikal kweshun....iffen fer teh umptyumpth tyme Fedex haz left a pkg awn mai porch dat iz kleerlee nawt fer mai address (disregardin teh diffrunt street naim, mai plaise iz prominentlee markd #6, pkg iz fer #2) kan ai keep it?
    Dey jus toss it awn porch, no tyme fer me to git dere an say iz rong deliveree address

    1. Ai offen haz packijes delibbered tew a howse in teh nekst town up, wiv same street naym adn number. Bai forchinate coinkydink, frends lib in taht howse, so amicable ekschaynj can tayk playss


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