1. ohai. I has a odd kweschun to ask the sophitimacated ladees here. Owr hooman is taking the self isolashun to actually work on his screenplay (yes - i noe dat sownds like a joke but it isn't.) So in wun scene - a lady who is throwing a big sophistimacated party spaces owt in a private room. Da heroine of da storee says 'why has she got a bag at her own partee? It turnd owt she is a guest, not the owner of da howse throwing da partee, the littul kweshcun is to show da heroine is smart. Mai kweschun is if yew threw a formal partee yor very big howse/mansion - would yew be walking around with a bag?

    also how many peepul wud know what a Kelly Bag is? Is ackchewally a Hermes bag made famus by Grace Kelly in da 50's bekos she used to have wun. der about £3,000 for the Hermes wun.

    1. Nope, wud nawt carry a bag at my own partee. My bag has essenshuls (tishoos, lipstikk, keys) taht ai wud tayk sumware else, butt(!) at my own howse, tehy are reddily availabblol.

      Ai had to luuk up teh Kelly Bag, so now ai noes waht it is. Will ai bye wun? Nah.

    2. Hmm. Too menny variablols. Ai donut hazza big howse adn Ai donut throw formal parteys. Ai tend to shuv things in pokkits, sew unless mai formal attire haz pokkits, Ai mite need a littlol bag, 'speshully if mai howse iz sew big Ai can't find a bokks uv tishoos nearby. Butt(!) Ai doan't spoze teh manner born get drippy noazes.

    3. I was thrown fur a second by ur use uv deh word 'bag' as I nawt-sekkond thought u wuz referring to a bag like u carry ur groceries home in. And I thought ebbreewun wud wunder why shii wuz carrying a big old bag around at hur own pary.

      But den I realized u meant whut I wud call a 'purse' and den it made sense.

      And eben tho I iz nawt sophisticated, I wudn't b carrying a purse in mai own (not-so-luxurious) house, party or no party.

      1. Me neiver but ai mite carry a small wun iffen ai wuzza gest atta partee. Ai had neber herd uvva Kelly Bag but den ai iz nawt a sophistokat an dunt pay attenshun to so kawld status symbols...

    4. Iz teh play set in modern thymes? Ai am thinking mobile fones. Iffen yew am hazzing a posh party, yur frock prolly nawt haz teh pokkits. Yew may want yur mobile on yoo. Hence teh bag. Wen ai am owt and abowt, ai yooshullee haz tiny lether shoulder bag wiv phone, spectaclols adn a hanker. Wud nawt luk gud wiv party dress, mite haz a littlol handbag wiv saym...


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