1. Ohai, BF!! Pleez tu tayke kare. Ai don't get tu visit often but (!) ai lyke yu cee teh regulars (?). Iz Annipuss good? duz ennywun noe?

  1. Werl...ai iz just bak frum mai furst 'senior hours' shoppin trip. Ai wuz nawt eggspektin it to akshullee be WURSE dan wen ai went regular hours larst week. An ai haz diskovered dat jus bekawse folks are seniors it duz nawt maik dem anee moar kourteous or konsiderat. Dey'll stil shov u aside fer a roll uv paper towels (limit 2 per kustomer pleez) Dere wazzint evin anee TP

      1. Sleep well, bf. We went Mundane at 6 am fer "senior hour" adn haff the peeps dere had awn masks, sum had glubs. Crazee crowded, but peeps moastly awn gud behavior. We plans to stay put fer 2 weaks. Nawt sure watt to do wehn teh spinach runs owt - Smokey is addikted to fresh spinach adn skreems until he gets sum. Ai am rashuning owt 2 leaves per day fer now.

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