1. yep, goggeh am still a puppeh!
      After a big day ob snoozing, ai feel much betterer, altho nawt keen tew zooming arownd juss yet. Grown up kidlets haz decided to clean owt a storage rum! Yesterday Skinneh Boy made hims own pasta from scratch adn caked lubblee dinnoms. Dis lokkdown fing ain’t sew badd fur sum ob us

      Hazzing sed taht, whilol teh TP am holding owt, teh tishoos am gone. Ai haz a cowld, adn a Dottir haz allergees. We haz cut up an old sheet fur teh

      1. Beeminze mee ov a collidge instructor PB wunss had. Hims had teh biggest nose nd we yoost to joke hims yoozed bedsheets as hankercheefs
        Stay well, Mantari nd fambiloly !!


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