1. This conversashun haz probably taken place sumwheres down thread, but how iz ebbreywun doing? Healthy, safe, and well-stokked up I'm hopiing!

    Ah'm gud, but this soshul distancing (necessary, ob course) is lonley!

  2. Owr hooman has decided to SI. He only goes out to shop and comes home strayt away rather than dawdling or eating owt. We noe he is serious bekos he just bowt sum pajamas fur the first time in dekades.

    He sed he will work on hiz riting properly now. If onlee the cats wud stop £&#@)?!% walking across his @^©®¢€]<|^ laptop.

    1. Sownds liek your hoomin is using gud judgement adn helping to flatten teh curve. Did he buy jammies wiff cyoot littel kitties on dem?

      Dont drive your hyoomin too crazy, Smudgie. Yu need him sane enuff to feed yu, afterall. Mebbee limmit your computer walkabout to 30 minutes a day?

      1. We has a griceree shop being delubered Sunday but altho it's a good nationwide stor, yew Don noe what they have in stock until a few hours befor it's delubered. Shops are restricting no. If items per product on many produkts to 3 (3 soops, 3 rice etc. ) but not cat food so hooman has bowt a lot of cat fud. He was also shop in todai. He sez its like wun ob those post apocalypse films ware yew go owt foraging ebbery dai trying to avoyd zombies.

        1. Hyoomin is right. It is kind ob liek teh apocalypse right now. Ai am in a major metrpolitan area (LA, CA, USA) adn teh groceree stores were crazee last tiem I went in this past weekend. Completedly picked ober. Ai got in line at 5:45 am Caturday to get sum essentials. A women visiting from Germany thot we had lost our kollektive minds and vidoetaped teh scene. Ai'm afrayd to go back but will have to brave it soon.

          Lukky yu Smudgie wiff all teh kat fud. Yu may have to shaer it wiff your hyoomin soon.

          1. Omahgerrr-duh!!!

            Efurry tiems ah thot ah mite goe pick up a fyoo fings, da Prez declairt a nashnul murgensea last Friedegg, SF declairt Shelter in Playss fur Toozdae, da loco nuuz kesp filink panik buyers adn emptee shelbz.

            Mai bff's babby brudder poasted dat hims fownd lots ob grosrees at mom & pop corner shops or bodegas. Ah awsewtuu had gud luck at mah neighburhud Grocery Outlet tuday. Adn it twuzzint fuwl ob peeplol wen ah wint arown 5pm.

            1. Oh Roofie, Ah'm glad your nayborhood store had foodz...Adn yu got sum! Ai know SanFran haz been hit berry hard. I hope your doing well otterwise.

  3. Huzbin adn I iz doing fine. Wii can haz plenty uf noms and paper products. And I haz enuff yarn to weave and crochet for a decade or twu. 😀


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