1. Werl...anuvver lessin in 'dunt bleev ebreefing sumwun tellz u dey saw awn faisebork'

    Sumwun at wurk told me Markit Baskit (a reginul groseree chayne) wuz havin sertin howers jus fer over 60's. Thowt it wuz strainge, dunno haow dey cud inforse dat but desided to go aneeway. Uv korse it wuz nawt troo.

    Awn teh plus syde tho, ai got dere jus az dey wuz shelvin sum TP, iz limited to 2 sm pakks er wun big pakk per purrson. Ai skored a big pakk, wuch wil last me kwite a wile

        1. Moar adn moar grosree stoarz am slowly adjustering der harz adn setting asied 1 or 2 fur vulneraboblol sittyzens.


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