1. Cupcake Update:

    1. Ai has bin barred frum Star Trek facebork site fur saying I prefers Babylon 5
    2. wether is improbing but v grey an windee after 4pm
    3. hoomn discovered he boughted a new bathrum scale 3 yeers ago but has nowt used it yet bekos he has to put in noo batteries. It came wit batterees. now da batterees are ded.
    4. hooman has gained wayt an losst wayt ober the last 3 weeks and ow ways EXACTLY wat he did wen he started Slimming Wurld. he sez he will go to his seckond groop way in wen he has losted 2 pownds. Also he sed neerly awl the 29 peepul at way in had tatoos

    wat is yor cupcake update?

    1. Ai dunt want to be a noodge but ai reellee fink ur humin iz wayin himseff too offin. Wat duz teh program rekomend?

      Jn uvver nooz...ai iz needin to get reddy fer wurks but iz havin motivayshunal issuez. Fighting between 1st shift an us gittin wurse. Supervizor iz useless, sez we shud 'wurk fings owt amung owrseffs an nawt bovver him'. We ar so shorthandid he keeps addin moar an moar 'voluntaree' obertyme. Sez iz nawt mandatoree but ai got slammed awn mai revyue becaws ai dunt 'volunteer' az much az he finks ai shud. An yet mai shiftmait haz nawt wurkt wun singlol hower OT an sumhaow dat did nawt git menchuned awn HIZ revyue. Iz gittin hardur an hardur jus to git owta teh howse to go dere.

        1. Bf
          Yoo no can haz a yoonion?
          *Dottir at yoonibersitee orientation week joined a socialist club, tehn got a bit fritened wen teh extremists talked abowt revolushuns adn sutch. Mebbeh ai cud dispatch a bunch ob teh extreem wuns tew yur werkitty tew put teh bosses agents teh wall

      1. we haz bin waching documentaree realitee show on how to manages management problums. In da show wen dey had problums dey wud 'whack' the manager by strangulating, shooting, kniffing, shooting an throwing bodee in oshun, shooting an cutting body up in meat factory and shooting throo car window. Da programme was undercover boss.
        Oh. Wait. Maybee it wus da Sopranos. But yew get da general idear.

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