1. “The uploaded has not made this available in your country.”
      Phooey. I love me some Bandersnatch Cummerbund...

      1. No, taht duzzn't werk either, mebbee it's a Brexit thing Reeding teh descripshun, though, maeks me reely want to see it. Ai saw teh episode of "The Crown" teh other other night wehn teh Prince of Wales goze to Wales. It started with him being cast in a purrformance. Do yoo know if taht wuz troo? He wuz a thespian?

        On another noat, AS, on teh radio tihs moarning thayre wuzza ninterview with a Brit hoo took teh summer off to watch baseball full thyme. Nobody yoo noe, izzit?

        1. Well, taht took two sekkunds on Googlol. Ai fownd teh clip. Wutta a cast on stage, adn did thay have no idea taht wuz coming?

            1. Ai'm still trying to figger owt haow to do taht heer. Anything moar tahn clikky-draggy iz beyond me. Ai googloled "Prince Charles does Hamlet" (plain Ingerlish, nawt LOLspeek) adn a bunch caem up. It wuz onlee a 15 sekkund clip.

        2. 1. Yes. Is troo. He rilly liked dramatics at university.
          2. We genirilly can follow your football bekos wunce you noe the 4 chances to get 10 yards, yew can follow most ob the game. However baseball we do not unnerstand as it seems v technical and ai am not shur yew can eggsplayn it in 5 minits to follow most ob the game lik football.

          3. We is fassinated by whether peepul put ketchup on hotdogs at games bekos sum merican tink this is sacrilege.

            1. Mad Dadcat wuz all Brooklyn. Wehn he saw me put ketchup onna hotdog, he almoast disowned me. Ever since, Ai put ketchup adn mustard (adn relish/pikklol adn sauerkrowt, if availablol) on teh dogs

            1. owr hooman duz not unnerstand baseball although he likes Americana and mite like it if he cud follow the game. He liked Field ob Dreams and red abowt the White Sox scandal. He liked 2 baseball films that came out at the same time with Beremger-C Sheen & Costner- T Robbins. also liked dis song abowt cool papa bell .

  1. Mai sister-in-law acshullee hazza croc on her golf course in Cairns! It contemptuously ignores traps set for it. Her goez beri fast bai teh littlol creek it libs in. Enni ball hit in teh creek amma lost ball


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