1. Hi guize. Pb iz in Melbourne and shud be safe. I am going to the showground in town soon with family and cat. Wish I had Bud' s leash, because Murtagh cannot stay in a box for very long! The hens and bees have to fend for themselves here. If we can get through Saturday, which promises to be very dangerous, I think the worst will be over.

    1. Gud gud luck! Ai wuz just reading some reports online - and looking at photos - and it's so upsetting.
      Take care

    2. I’m safe, thanks guys. There was a bushfire about 5 km from me on Wednesday but it was quickly contained. Melbourne has smoke in the air and a heatwave so I’m not cycling for a few days. Sadly, we’re likely to have more of the country burning for months due to record temperatures and low rainfall.


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