1. Hey! Todai is a Bank Holiday in TTI. Bekos owr hooman is not wurking an dusnt has a work week, he didn't realise dis and was at bus stop this am at 7.30am reddy fur bus to go to gym. Dat bus duz not run on Bank Holidays.

    Is mini heer wave again todai. Hooman has returned and is cleening da howse. We is lying on bed wit fan on an lussening to Cownt Basie. Is clicking our fingers an saying 'go daddio'.

    How is yew?

    1. Bery chillee heer. Iz nawt hollyday so trine to geer up fer bak to wurks.

      Hard to bleev teh summer iz jus abowt gawn Neggst moanday iz Labor Day, seems summer jus flew by. Ai lyke fawl seesun but teh owlder ai git teh moar ai dred teh wintur


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