1. *stumbles in after a lawng hiatus*
    *exhausted* *beaten* *depressed*
    *Definitely feeling a lotta bit defeated*
    *An' possibly a liddlol bit bloody*
    *weakly* Ohai eberywun!
    How awr yew awl?
    I hab had a serious (severe) case uv RLS lately.
    What's teh haps arownd here?
    Needed sum cheering up.
    Am I mistaken? Didn't I see Q say 'yello?
    Apter awl deez yeerz, I wunder...iz dat da (in)famous Q?
    Anyway! Aloha eberywun. 🤙 Mahalo!

                1. Oooh, I founded a joke tu! (fanku googlol):

                  Today at the bank, an old lady asked me to help check her balance.
                  So I pushed her over.

    1. Ohai SNC!

      Sew nice to seeing yu! Adn sew sorree to heer about RLS. Ugh.

      Sending relaksing myoosic adn a cold pint your way dis Fridegg ebbening....

      ♩ ♫   ♬ ♩


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