1. just watched deh Derby I wuz so happy fur deh winner and hiz Jockey and den tu haz it taken away !!!!! Maximum Security ran at deh frunt frum wire to wire. Dat am soooooo unfair. I iz bummed out.

      1. Deh sekkon place finnisher filed an objection and deh judges determined dat Max Security moved over a lane and made deh uzzer horse shy away and so dey DQed Max. It am sooooooo unfair.

        1. Ai admits ai dunt kno aneefing bowt rasing but dey haz showd teh footije an ai dunt see aneefing so bad. Wen dere runnin showlder to showlder lyke dat haow ar teh horsis spose to moov up?

        2. It wuz Country House hoo filed teh objekkshun? Ai thawt it wuuda bin teh guy hoo gottid skwooshed. Ooo, taht adds a littlol contenshun, Aifinksew.


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