1. I got mai brainium scanned today az part of deh screening process for deh Alzheimer’s research project I haz signed up for. Deh MRI peepz will sending deh results to the ALZ study peeps and I will wait to hear back frum dem. Dey didn't say ennyfing about mai brainium looking scrambled, so I guess I have successfully survived awl mai splorts.

    I had to taking off mai clothes and changing intu a hospital gown. Dunno why -- dey didn't gib mii eny IVs or hook up any electrodes or nuffin. *shrugs* Deh scannification tooked about 45 minnits. It wuz berry noisy so dey gabe mii ear plugz and a headset wif radio music piped in. I laid flat on mai back and deh table slid mii inside deh giant donut. I had my glasses off and it wuz awl white inside so I couldn't focus on enyfing. I closed my eyez and listened tu deh musics and deh thumping and banging and whirring and clunking uv deh machineryz and didn't moving. Den it wuz finally over and I putted my clothes on and lefted. I stopped at Crakker Barrel fur lunch den at JoAnnz just bekuz I kud and now I iz home and gonna taking a nappage.

    1. Hooray fer teh nawt skramblold brayniums! Guud to kno teh splorts ar nawt purrminintlee damidjin!
      Dere am nawt a Cracker Barrell aneeware neer me, ai wish dere wuz, luuks guud awn teh kommershuls

        1. oh noes - Cracker Barrel habs "suvver fuds" and dey habs a store part too wiff alla da goffy chochkeys an assorted junks you cud wants. Den am yoozooly placed along da Ohaiwaes so peeps dat be trabbelin stawp. Izza a weird kinda 'Merican place ...

    2. yoo wuz brave, mai leej! Ai wud be tew fritened tehy wud ship me to a home fur teh bewildered in sekkunds flat!


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