1. suppose sumwun accidently set off nuclear missile attack wen trying to hack into Pizza delibery system - ware wud be da best place to start a commune and libs peecfully after da apocalipse? owr hooman sed (1) possibly a national park in canada (2) owr IT priviliges are suspended subject to further investigashun.

    we suggested a hotel we saw in a filum. we onlee saw da furst 10 minits but it looked big and luxurius. I tink da film was called The Shining.

          1. Hmmm. wayl - da odder place to consider is more central is a town in Long Island called Amityville. dere is a film abowt town counsil called the Amityville Borough. at leest ai tink dats wat is called.

  2. Whut? Youfortso it awl ended wiv teh runcible spoon?! Dey wuz legally married bai taht piggy taht libbed on teh hill! Sheesh


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