1. Ohai, picklollz!!!!

    I haz a LOLmas story tu telling u .... and it am truu!!!

    Az sumz uv yoo kowz, I teaches weaving at a local museum. Last munf, wun of my students passed away frum cancer. Shii bequethed mii awl her weaving and spinning stuff. Dis included several small looms AND THREE floor looms in various conditions. I have re-homed most of the things to my other studentz. But nunz uv dem wanted either uv deh floor looms dat am in pieces and need restoration.

    Den Bayshang sended miii an emayo and sed shii would like wun uv dem! Huzbin sed hii would lub to take a road trip to Tennessee. So, Friday night wii loaded deh loom intu deh Dodge pik'em-up truck and wii hit deh road at daybreak Saturday. Wii droved up I-75 thru Atlanta and stopped fur deh night. Sunday wii hit deh road agin at daylite and got to Bayz widdlol house in deh woods in Tennessee around noon.

    Wii unloaded dem loom and I felt like Sandy Clawz!!! Wii vizited a bit, den it wuz time tu head home.

    It was berry wet in Bayz yard where wii had parkt tu unload and deh Dodge'z back tires started spinning and digging ruts in deh clay. Wii put some stickz behind deh tirez and dat didn’t halp — deh tires just spun dem selves in a littlol deeper. Wii put deh tarp down behind deh tires and dat didn’t halp — deh tires just spun dem selves in eben more deeper. Just wen wii wuz finking wii mite haz to cawl a tow truck to pull us out, Bay sed mebbee Ruby CreekHopper (her Subaru) can halp. So wii attached a pair uv straps frum deh back uv deh Dodge tu deh frunt uv Ruby. Ruby started backing up and shii pulled dat big ole Dodge ontu deh tarp! YAY!!! Ruby am our hero!!!

    Sunday night wii was again staying at a motel between Chattanooga and Atlanta. Today wii finished our trip back home. It wuz a longweekend, but well worth it to see deh joy on Bay'z face wen shii saw dat loom in hur house!

    1. It wuz sew nyce tu see teh cween dat ai ams still smiling. 🙂 Teh loom ams bewtimuss, adn ai'm alreddy seeing wut needs tu b done tu get it awl shipshape!

      Ai'm sew glad wii gotted teh trukk unstukk! Ai'm afrade it got kinda muddy...us adn teh vehikkles. Teh cween's naybors musst fink dey took teh weekend tu go muddin' in dair trukk. LOL! 😆

    2. Deh loom wif deh big tarp off. Dhere wuz a liddlol tarp under deh loom and taped up on its sides so no waters frum deh bed uf deh truck wud get ontu deh loomz legzez.

        1. Ifn Ruby coodn't pull teh Dodge loose, my neggst ideer wood haz been tu call my naybor adn see ifn dair grandson wuz up dere wif hims big 4WD Silverado.

          Den wii cood haz re-enacted dis...
          (video curtesey ob SugarBee)

      1. O ai duz LUBZ deez two wimmins wiffa feerse! Dat adbenture wuz berry brabe ub yu guys! Hao eggsiteen tu gits a gnu projeck tu werk awn asides Bambi and da teebee an stuff!

        Merry Christmas an Happeh Gnu Yeer tu ebbrywun. Ai muss start commin back heer moar. Juss bin stoopy bizzy sints ai started da kittoonz FB page. Dint fink dat menny wud be innerested innit.

        Miss you awl. Big s tu ebbrywun.


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