1. wait - wasn't there an event ware a gang stole a huge amount of syrup from the Canadian reserve of maple syrup or something?

    it was stolen in the night

    yes -there is a reserve

    yes alrite ai will look it up fur yew on the intertube

    By MAHITA GAJANAN April 28, 2017
    A Canadian man who led the 2012 heist of millions of dollars worth of maple syrup received an eight-year prison sentence and multi-million dollar fine on Friday.

    Richard Vallières was fined $9.4 million, and will have to serve six additional years in prison if he does not pay it, for the theft of $18.7 million worth of maple syrup, the CBC reports. The 2012 theft involved taking 3,000 tons of maple syrup from a warehouse that belonged to the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers, which regulates the syrup trade.

    Officials realized the maple syrup was missing in July 2012 when they found dozens of barrels filled with water instead of syrup. Twenty-six people were arrested in an investigation into the missing syrup.

    atre yew happy now?

    is Canadiananan syrup betteh dan USA Syrup?

    1. Dat's a loded kwestchun. Kwebec iz teh largest prodoocer uv maplol syrup. Small adn mighty Furmont, USA, iz berry prowd uv thayr syrup, adn NooYork iz alsew too a big prodoocer. Lots uv varieties adn grades. Kinda liek wine.


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