1. Hmmm....apparentlee nawt, accordian to wat ahm reedin bowt it iz ownlee spose to avaylable to UK peeps wiv a valid tv lisense. An evin if u haz dat it wil be blokt iffen ur abrod. Ai gess iz tekniklee possible wiv sum trikkyness bowt maskin ur lokayshun but iz legallee kweshunablol an waaaay owtsyde my skill levul.

        1. Iz on ower nashunul broadcaster, teh ABC. (Teh channel iz in big trubblol at teh moment - gubmint interfeering, manager sacked etc. If Dr Who iz cancelled, ai will be pikketing!)

  1. Thayre iz sumthing called a Britbox. Ai noe nuthing abowt it, other tahn it haz sumthing to to with tv adn British shows.


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