1. The nayboors am gettin a Noo roof. Sew. Der am doods on da roof. Hammering an such. Harley finks Dey shud die. Harley am freekin owt da Moose who am runrunrunrunnin like a nutso awl growly (witch am kinda skerry iffn yoo no kno heems). Wile run runrunnin him SLAMS intoo da Harley an cuz her an short goes rite over tawp nokkkn her flat. NOW Harley sez MOOSE must die. Sew he chasin him. Boff am growlin. Roof doods am just starin. *sigh*

    Dey inside now. Chillin owt. Hoeps dey finish da roof soonish. 😜😜


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