1. Ohai everwun. Ai hopes yew re awl well.

    we has decided to gib hooman a big surprize treet! We has jus taken out dating profile for hims and ritten brilliant profile:

    "Human. Middle aged man. Lives alone with three cats. Likes star trek and has extensive collection of tupperware."

    we tink dis in an eggsellent profile.

    wen we asked hooman sum time ago whether he wud like us to write a dating profile fur him, he sed, "no no no no no no no no no no no no no!" Pretty ambigyewus response so we went ahead and dided it.

    wat has yew been doing dis weekend?

    1. I haz been browsing dating websites (just for fun), and I came across wun profile dat stopped me in my tracks...cat lover, star trek fan, tupperware aficionado, but it turned out to be a man.


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