1. Taht's more lyke it! *hums happilee*
    Ai must put mai glubs on and weed teh bakk garden. Ai wants tew putting sum strawberry runners in. Ai needs morr fings tew fite teh burdies for!

  2. Ohai, Smudgie!
    1. Ai haz bin in 4 performances ob "A Midsummer Night's Dream" wiv a local community theatre tihs weekend. Nao, Monday, I will be gardening.

    2. Ai lykes miksed, unsalted, nuts fur a kwik helfy snakk. Avocados arr nao beri ekspensib sinss teh hipsters deklared dem teh snakk ob choyss!

    1. 1. I was abducted by aliens scooped up by my sister from outa town. She dragged me around town, for eer runs and then took me to visit our Aunt Bunny who loves us. We hadda nice day and some peach cobbler. 😀
      2. I likes stromberries and grapefruit for snacks. For healthy dinnoms, sometimes I hazza tuna sammie wiff some pineapplol chunks and cheese in it.


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