1. Ohai. Well - it has been eggshawsting for us waching hooman get up at 5am to go to wurk an come bavk at 7pm frum his new(ish) job ware dey discuss 'strategy' for wat h sez is hundreds of howrs without actually doing anything and den make us dinner and cleen the room and change cat littur an rap presunts and put radiator heetur on fur us an shave an shower befor gowing to bed so he can get up at 5 the negst mowning. Eggshawsting. Not shure how long we can keep dis up.

    1. Hang in thayre.
      Butt(!) Ai doo haza kwestion: Wut are we strategizing?

      Atomic bomb placemint?
      Bumblol bee coloneez?
      Catmuss tree twigonometry?
      Distrubution uv treets?

    2. Saonz liek a lot of jobs dat haz peeplol waisting tehir time awl day wiv meetings n emailol wen tehy cud do tehir job by lunch nd go hoam tehn !! Nao that'z an idea


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