1. Well, dat wuz innerestingz..... got home frum Yarn Club and deh power had just goned out!!! Huzbin had come outside and manually opened deh garage door for mii. It wuz just az deh dark wuz falling.

    Dhere wuz several peeps out in dheir front yards askin ee chudders "Your power out?" So wii called deh lectric cumpany and reported it.

    Got out deh s and lit sum z. After about 40 minnits deh liddlol man came and opuned deh big box on deh ground between our house and deh nayborz house (wii haz underground cables, so no poles tu climb) Hii sed dhere am 10 houses on dis box. Wii felt so speshul!!

    Den hii took a loooong pole and pulled sumfing (a fuse?) outta deh transformer and den hii went intu hiz truck and after a few minnits came out wif an noo wutebber it wuz and attached it tu his loooooooooong pole and stuck it intu deh transformer. Nuffin wented BANG, so dat wuz a good sine. And our lites came on. YAY!!

    Wii thankinged him profusely.

    1. It wuzzint a deddid possum in der, wuzzit?
      (Hmmm... Prollee nawt, sinss dey stukk annuvver wun in! )
      Ower power goez owt in flying foks seezun wen teh pore critters get stull on power lines. Wish owers werr undergrownd.

            1. I memember wun Catmus Day wen eh power went owt becuz ob bush fyres - just abowt midday wen ebberiwun wuz cooking der speshlol dinners! Luckilee we wuz yoozing a barbecue kettle, but aifinkso menni Catmus Dinners were rooined dat yeer.


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