1. Aye am laffin so hards... TK texted mee dat her dat cheated onna her diet. We am boff doing da saem diet as da cween -- pounds ub veggies and froots and little else (well eggsepot beans and udder helffee stuffs)

    I axed wot her did an confessed to my intake ub chocolatte caek --- her sed dat her mixxed a lil mayo into sum mustard to dips inn .... um ... k?? BUtt das ohai'ly funneh part wuz her den texted ... "and I'm thinking ub doin it agin." Aye almost falled outta mai chare ....

    1. Mi poor babby gurlie sittin inna her room seekrettly dippin her lettuce intoo mustard ... WIFFY MAYO IN IT!!! .... AN her am gunna dooze it agin ... her am a leetlol odd dat gurl...

          1. Dats toooo funneh!

            Mai fwend at wurk brot me chyneez fuud, Genrul Gao's chikkin, wat he knowz ai luv.
            Ai hadda beeg plait uv it an....AHM THINKIN UV DOIN IT AGIN!! (the leftobers, tomorrow supper)


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