1. Zane wuz mads atta mee dis mornin'. Da goggie get too menny treets he sed. Treets furr doin dis... treets furr doin dat... Hekk , him sez, dey gets a treet furr jest gettin inna der stoopid goggie containment box!! Kittehs needs to get treets ebberthyme goggie doo!!

    I axed him... wot yoo gunna doo furr yer treets? Yoo wanna gets inn a kitteh containment bokks?

    Zane: NO Hoomin, we am CATS!! Wii nawt hafta doo nuffin else, bein CATS am doin enuf!!

    I gabe him da treets....

  2. Ai wuz like dis since Moanday. Cannawt tell if ai haz a "good" brayne tuday - too early tu tell. Ask me again toward da end ob da day.


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