1. Ahoy, Pikklolz!!!

    Dis a a fly-by post, Topper haz kilt my lappytop,. took it to deh geeky skwad and dey am sendifying it to Kentukky to b repaired. it will b gone 2 or 3 WEEEKS! *faint*
    I shal peek in agin later wen hubby am nawt playing on his pooter.

      1. When Topper comes flying over the back of mai chair hii haz a tendency to knock the lappytop onto deh floor. I guess it landed onna corner wunst too often. Deh screen was separating from deh cover and it made a snap-crackle-pop sound when it got opened and closed. And then it reached deh point where it wouldn’t open all deh way.

        I haz deh GeekSkwad Protection fingy so dey cover deh cost uv deh repairs.


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