1. Well, TK is engagin inn a thyme honored tradition ub sellin bodily flooids furr . her hazza koopun furr gittin fitty munnies furr donatin plasma. An her kin gits fitty munnies furr up to fibe donashuns inna September. Yoo kin donates da plasma ups too twice a weekweekweek. sew kin maek 250 munnies!! Jest furr sittin inna chare an doin her reedin furr skools.

    An affer dat dey steel pays sumpfink. Iz funneh doh - her am nerbous bout da "test" afore - yoo knows, blood pressure and heemogloobinz ... her nawt likee tests..

      1. her did!! Her eeted a Luna bar yesstiddy an had chikkens - furr da proteen an Eyeron and her her am relaxifried so bp nawt too ohai (tho her am moer likely too be too lowz ... )

        an her da eggs furr brekky ... an her eeted afore goin ... All studied upz!!


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