1. Ohai BF!! Onna mai wae to fuds store. My gurlie weel be hoepes dis weekweekweek.

      Her am habbin doubts bout da guy her am seein. poor TK an hards to be young. Wants nice boifren an himz am nice butt am farz awae an himz Polly Tics am oppy zit herz. An he deklared her cant dribe to see him cuz "am nawt saef fur her to dribe onna da ohaiwae .... WOT NOW??

      1. Ohai EM!

        Sawree tew heer TK am nawt happee

        Ai admitz ai am sinikle bowt lawng distinse relayshunships, espeshullee at a bery yung aige. An ai wud hazza beeg prawblim wiv sumwun thinkin dey hadd anee rite tew tel mee ware ai cud er cud nawt dryve...

        1. an da reelayshunship habs NEBBER been nawt longs disstance. I tolled her is nawt fayre to her to bee tied to a guy her only seizes ebbery 6 weeks or so an dat weel be deployed up to nine munffs!! Dat her shud suggjest dey be non-eggsclusib. Her agreez. Butt knoz hee weel nawt go furr it. I tolled her dat am HIZ deesizzyun. *sigh*

          1. *sigh*

            Peeps purrsonalitees/owtlooks/eggspektsyshuns chaing sew fast at dat aige. Eben inn six weeks. Iffen dey ar apart fer mennee munffs dey may nawt bee teh saim peeps at AWL wen dey meet agin.

            1. Yeah. An wen onlee see eech uvver furr fee daze atta tyme yoo nawt eben get to reelee kno dem. NE wun kin behabe furr three daze.
              Her weel figger it owt. Iz tryin nawt to say too muchlee.


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